Skin Cycling with Me Today Skincare

Back to basics: Skin Cycling with Me Today Women’s Daily – or similar??


Tired of your 10-step skincare routine? Unsure which product to use and when? We’re bringing it back to basics with our simple take on skin cycling with Me Today Women’s Daily Skincare.


Skin Cycling, with 3.5 billion views on Tik Tok (last we checked!), is a refreshing new take on how to approach your skincare routine and we’re loving . If you have sensitive skin and are prone to irritation, or just want to give it a try and see how skin cycling can benefit your skin, this post is for you!


To get started, we find it’s easiest to tweak your evening Cleanse Tone Treat Moisturise skincare routine. After cleansing and toning, you cycle through a 4-day skincare regime. It looks something like this.


Day 1 is all about smoothing, refining, and prepping your skin for tomorrow’s retinol treatment by applying a leave on chemical exfoliant like our Women’s Daily AHA Exfoliant. Follow up with your Me Today Women’s Daily Moisturiser or Night Cream and let your skin soak it up.


On Day 2 it’s time to sub in your retinol serum! We love our Me Today Renew A Serum, targeting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and strengthening your skin’s natural barrier. Don’t forget to follow up with your fav moisturiser.


Days 3 & 4 are all about hydration, allowing your skin to relax and recover from your first two treatment days. A hydrating serum and moisturiser from our Women’s Daily range will do the trick but if you feel like your skin needs an extra boost, Me Today Vitamin Bounce B5 will help take your skin hydration to the next level.


And repeat!

Skin cycling is a great way to ease your skin into a new routine and the best thing is you can easily mix it up and personalise it for your own skin type. You can add extra recovery days or tweak this routine depending on what your skin needs.  


Pro tip: We love including our Women’s Daily supplement as part of our daily skincare routine. It contains the same bespoke blend of botanicals, minerals and vitamins as our Women’s Daily Skincare (check out our post on EnrichMe+) to support a whole-body Skin&Within approach to beauty and wellness. Unlocking your best tomorrow.®


We recommend patch testing. If irritation occurs rinse immediately and discontinue use. In the unlikely event of a negative reaction, see your healthcare professional.


Take dietary supplements only as directed and in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Me Today NZ Ltd, Auckland.

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